The infrastructure has to suite the company – Undersizing leads to perfomance shortages and outages, oversizing to problems with management and high costs. We help you with the balance walk for a fitting infrastructure and support you with managing the systems or we take care of them entirely.

Nowadays, nearly every company uses information technology infrastructure. From small craft enterprises that offer an own homepage to be reachable per email, up to the international major corporation with gigantic data centers. Our experts and partners are well versed in all of those areas and we offer you the full bandwith of consulting and services from setting up a management of workplace computers, small local networks and servers for simple domain-, web- and email hosting up to distributed datacenters with high demands in perfomance, availablity and security.

Among the main areas are:

– Virtualisation with VMWare or Microsoft Hyper-V
– Domain-/DNS- and Web-hosting and management including domain-reservation forĀ  reasonable prices
– Email hosting – as needed, on own servers or in the cloud
– Cloud services for data storage, websites as well as various online-applications and services